IJSMS Book Reviews

2 January, 2008

Recently I was appointed the book reviews editor for the International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship (IJSMS).

The traditional way for someone to go about the business of being a book reviews editor would be for me to write begging letters to publishers, offer what I got back on an academic chat forum and send the freeby to whoever replied first (or at least say that was who I had sent to!). This really doesn’t strike me as a very good model. It results in a form of payola. If you wanted an objective view of a particular car, would you be more interested in what a journalist had written about it after a free loan, or what an owner had to say about it?

Another approach would be the ‘old chums’ network. Again, this doesn’t really appeal to me as it is hardly equitable.

What I would like to happen is for academics to approach me with proposals for books they would like to review, ones they have actually spent good money on. This way I hope to get reviews that are written with passion – a passion that might be delight, despair or anything in between.

So, if you have strong feelings about a sports management book, let me know what it is (see contact details) and I’ll send you a pro forma of how the IJSMS book review should be formatted.


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