Dr John Beech is a UK-based academic specialising in Sport Management, Event Management and Tourism Management. He is an Honoray Research Fellow at Coventry University, where he was, before his retirement, the Head of Sport and Tourism at the Applied Research Centre for Sustainable Regeneration (SURGE), and a member of the Centre for the International Business of Sport.

John is an International Professor at the Russian International Olympic University in Sochi, Russia.  He lectures regularly in Kufstein (Austria), Salzgitter (Germany), Jyväskylä (Finland), and Sochi (Russia).

Currently the focus of his research is on insolvency in football clubs, their (mis)management and on football governance.

He is an England & Wales Council member of Supporters Direct.

This blog reflects the various research threads he is currently pursuing or might be tempted back to. He would be pleased to hear from academic colleagues and doctoral candidates with similar interests. To avoid spammers adding gratuitous advertising, posting requires a simple registration.

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John maintains a separate homepage and a Football Management blog.


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